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This program allows users to interact and experiment with evolution. Different colored cells devour each other. Once a cell grows to its max size, it will divide. The game data is saved in your desktop in a folder called Evolution. All data will be automatically saved on exit unless an error occurs. The data can be manually saved from the options screen. To access the options screen press escape while running a simulation. To restart the simulation click escape again. Left clicking will spawn a random cell. Right clicking will spawn a piece of food. Shift left or right clicking will allow you to custom spawn cells or food. Shift clicking a custom spawn setting will reset it to its default value. Pressing F3 will toggle the display of fps (frames per second) and tps (ticks per second). Pressing F11 will toggle full screen.

Descriptions of Controls:

Food Decay Rate - Affects how fast food decays.

Feeding Rate Mutation - Affects how much the consumption rate of each cell will mutate during cell division.

Color Variance - This is how much tolerance cells have for cells of different colors. A low percentage means that there does not have to be much color difference for one cell to consume another.

Color Mutation - Affects how much the color of each cell will mutate during cell division.

Max Size Limit - The maximum size a cell can attain. If the cells in the simulation are big and you decrease this, the cells will divide until they are all under this limit.

Max Size Mutation - Affects how much the individual max size of each cell will mutate during cell division.

Movement Mutation - Affects how much the average speed of each cell will mutate during cell division.

Decay Rate Mutation - Affects how much the decay rate of each cell mutates during cell division.

Cell Division Mutation - Affects how much the number of cells each cell divides into mutates during cell division.

I like to use this program as a screen saver. I find that the small cells are more aesthetically appealing (Max Size Limit: 1 - 2%). To start your colony I suggest maxing out the tps and left clicking to spawn cells until a species takes hold. This is a prototype. Please report any error messages or suggestions in the comments. I don't have error logging setup yet so please just tell me the generic message and when the error typically occurs.

Known Bugs:

Occasionally a clump of cells will start to mass replicate, lagging the program severely. Can occur when the color mutation exceeds the color variance or when the max size limit is less than 1%. Temporary fixes include going to the options menu, increasing the max size limit, increasing the color variance, and decreasing the color mutation.

Published Apr 12, 2016
TagsAbstract, evolution


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